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"International Flow Cypher"

[Verse 1: Nitty Scott, MC]
Nitty came to spit it and kick it like Kung-fu
See I could off your whole catalog with a 1-2
Pop, dumb lyrical puns with a fun crew
You better step your rhyme up when I come through
Droppin' bombs like Saddam who’s sane (Hussein) not me
The way I lose my noggin and hog on this melody
The people say Church to the O-N-E
So you looking like Satan to a God MC
I'm tired of these rap shenanigans I wanna be a fan again don't nobody wanna love the mannequin
My bars got casualties, I catch em casually
Word vomit on the mic don't touch it after me , B
Cause that would be unsanitary , oh snap its the real life rap Halle Berry
I think im better now I think im Coretta
Get a serve of 9-0 Nitty Scott in the center

[Verse 2 : Lecrae]
You probably watchin' like man I never heard of him
I'll murder him, the nerve of him
Rockin' with Pre-Premier that's so absurd of him
Wait until he spit a couple verbs and them
If you really wanna hate wait, he got the Word with him
I heard em holla "Jesus the Notorious" no
The most glorious homie
So LABORIOUS, boring us with these choruses
Horrible at it's core it's just killin' us
Call the coroner, unimpressive ain't floorin' us
Hey this what happen when hip-hop let the saints in
Taylor'd the snatch the mic swiftly like Ye did
But them awards can't follow you to the grave
You living for them whips and chains then you a slave
Uh, prayer don't stop time it kills hours
They looking for a savior but we killed ours
Still he Rose like Derrick, no bull
You wanna meet the Lord ? come holla I got pull

[Verse 3: Soprano]
Une minute, une minute, juste avant que mes phases débutent
Je voulais dire à mes potes de Marseille qu'aujourd'hui je m'imposerai pas de limites
Je check le beat, déb-débite avec des phases et des tas de gimmicks
Appelle-moi Chistopher, aujourd'hui je suis venu coloniser l'Amérique
Pas de panique, non je ne suis pas terroriste
Sauf quand il s'agit mon ami de lâcher des couplets qu'assassinent comme une bombe atomique
Un rap aussi froid que l'Alaska, masta j'suis high comme un rasta
Instable comme Dirty bast*rd, bestial au lit comme DSK
Un instant sista que je pose mon style aux States
Avec un flow costaud, les stars finissent à l'hosto
Les stats te diront que j'suis incroyable comme Nicki et son postérieur
J'suis ton boss, d'ailleurs trouve toi un job ailleurs
Mon beau tailleur, celui de ma Psy4tra
I'm a boss n*gga, uh, hallelujah
Tu vois j'suis pas d'ici moi comme E.T
My name is Soprano un français sur BET

[Verse 4: Estelle]
So, Ima say it loud, Ima say it proud
Make you say my name say my out loud (ow)

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