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Lin-Manuel Miranda

"Wheel of Freestyle Vol. 2"

[Verse 1: Lin-Manuel Miranda]
Once again, I'm in a very tricky spot
I'm gonna win the Emmy like Mr. Robot
And I can go for days and days
But, yo, I'm lost with plenty to eat in this corn maze
Oh, yeah, I'm goin' above and beyond
I'm Sirius Black, I got my magic wand
And oh, yeah, there's nothing you can do to harm us
[?] and yo, expelliarmus

[Verse 2: Black Thought]
Uh, ayo
You know I'm rockin' homie
[?] I get avocado, call me guacamole (Yeah)
Say I'm not loud like Saturday night
And I be beatin' y'all [?] Miranda rights (Huh?)
I'm number one wehn it come to that
Set 'em up, chop 'em down like a lumberjack (Hol' up)
I achieved all my future goals
Slam the ball down and dance, I'm on the Super Bowl

[Verse 3: Lin-Manuel Miranda]
Oh man, this is such a rollercoaster
I'm just tryna pop right out of the toaster
Oh yeah, that's my greatest desire
Because, you know, the strawberry one's set your crap on fire
Yes, I know rap was tragic
But, I'm a unicorn-brony and french in this magic
So, I got an erection today
I can't wait to choose my choice on election day
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