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Young Jordan


Lyrics from Snippet

[Verse 1: Yung Kayo]
... you 22
This a different type of linen, n*gga, you a fool
Put that n*gga in a box, call him jacket
Oh, that n*gga thought I left but I'm back in
[?] like [?]
[?] f*cking with the money, like, what happened?
[?] out of line like a [?]
When I touch a couple milli' [?]

[Verse 2: Young Jordan]
They was smoking the dope in the bathroom
Contemplating like just watch your damn move
We was rocking Vlone with some damn shoes
Maison Margiela, [?]
I got some [?] and [?]
[?] she like [?]
I might nut on her face
777 on her boobs
f*cking different b*tches, have no clue
Do what I want like I'm in the zoo

[Verse 3: Yung Kayo]
Yeah, I do
Bought the Rick Owens jeans but it's nothing new
I'ma pull up with the things, I got one or two
Yeah, I bought a diamond ring, cost a hundred, ooh
Had them b*tches [?]

[Verse 4: Young Jordan]
n*ggas [?], like, who you?
Told that b*tch I'm [?], I don't need [?]
And I made so much money, [?]

[Bridge: Young Jordan]
I just took a [?], I can't move
She just add it up

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