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"Get Up, Stand Up"

Get up stand up, make a difference
One shout is louder than a thousand whispers
Each breath brings death closer
What breath u got left, make the most of
Till your life is over
Sieze the time, life don't pause that record
No rewind, one time to hear that section
Hear opinions, but you've gotta rule in your kingdom
Make choices that cause you to realise your vision
You don't show it, but you can do it, blood i know it
Don't flow it but we still both thug poets
Raised by momma, nuff cut offs, gas and electrics
Certain birthdays I ain't get sh*t, but it's cool mums
Forget it, your love, the only reason that i ain't sleep
Only reason at these pricks I ain't poppin' off clips
Got family and friends that i'd lay down and die for
Forces in my head, but in my heart i'm still for the life force

[Ms. Dynamite: Hook]
Get up woah stand up
Stand up and make a change
Get up oh stand up now
Get up and make a change woah

However you hurtin', situation worsens by lack of earners
System only workin' for certain persons
A man 'll get caught tryna keep the rent up
But a paedophile 'll spend less time bent up
Next time you pick up, blood, think of the consequences
Someone's daughter or son cracked out on park benches
Can't do it I know, can't afford to have a soul
'Cause if you thinkin' you slippin' and not on ya toes
Genocide turned suicide, it's not coincidental
No chains, but it's worse when the shackles are mental
Scared to shine, don't share, breed like rabbits
Feed abuse of habits, and the situations get drastic

[Ms. Dynamite: Bridge]
Kick in more, sure that it's soon to be you
We enterin, it's hard to be strong
When the lifestyles so temptin', fat pockets
Getting money, grabbin hoes away
But if we don't change today our kids grow the same way

Get up oh stand up
Stand up get up and fight
Get up oh stand up now
Don't just survive and live your life

However hard sh*t gets, try and maintain focus
'Cause god always side with the most hate and the brokest
I know there's a god 'cause all the times I should've died
Impossible circ*mstance, somehow I survived
Plus there's the fact that the universe is designed
Blood circulates, light reach Earth in the same time
Stars and cells born at rates you can't count
Body earth water solids exactly the same amount
Our everything, it's so insignificant
Earth not even cell-sized compared to total existence
Eighteen years ago, I weren't even visible
Now I spit lyrical syllables for spiritual criminals
Nothin' worse than potential that remained hidden
Don't look back could've, would've, should've, too late I didn't
While most of us struggle to strive for what we believe in
Imagine the strength of those who died for what they believe in

Get up, oh stand up
Stand up and make a change
Get up oh stand up now
Get up and make a change woah
Get up oh stand up now
Don't just survive
Live your life, live your life

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