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"Educated Tug sh*t"

{Akala} Akala!
{English Frank} Yeah it's Frank keepin' it frank
{Akala} Educated tug sh*t!

Wisdom is power
Educated thug sh*t
There's only so far the drugs and guns will make you come kid
Trust I ain't lyin'
When you been ridin'
Witness your friends dyin'
You know there's nothing satisfyin'
About letting off iron
When we run up on you
For your flake ice and cream
And put the magnum to your ice cream cone
It ain't a dream
An infrared beam
Sounds really really cool
Nah it ain't really cool
When the infrared
Is pointed at your beamer
Say you wanna go to heaven?
Fam, get on your deen
And stop running off your mouth
About you're lettin' off bare machines
I won't tell you to read a book
I'll tell you to read your own mind
Look deep down into your soul
And see what you find
Cause we are not alone
And god is not a man
He's in every soul
In every single good man on the globe
And a lot more
You won't see what's hidden behind the hidden door
Don't just be another pawn
Ask yourself what you're livin' for

Akala and Frank:
Educated tug sh*t
Never be mug sh*t
Do you really really really know what a tug is?
You think it's just a man that moves on the road criminal
I think it's a man that will die for his principals

I still don't know how to run
And you can blame my mom
Cause from the day I was born
She told me fight um son
Speak never cheat
Never turn the other cheek
If they slap you
You slap them back
And take teeth
And the anger and the anguish
We havin' cause dad abandoned us
And the pot to p*ss in
Is missin' and so we stranded thus
Face turnin meaner
Will mean the teacher's can't reach ya
And we see others as enemies
For very good reasons
Part of a system
Where police and the politicians
Designed for nothin' more than keeping us in our positions
When you
Livin' in Sodom
Violence is how you solve the problem
Bumpin' heads with other young tugs
More than a game of dodgem
It's not a fair
It's where their trash is left rotten
In the world of snakes
An open heart
Is a closed coffin
Though our potential is mental
You see it's never harnessed
They ain't meant to
It ain't coincidental
We're the target!


Take off your blindfold
Remove the invisible shield
Show your brother you love him
And show him that lovin' is real
All love have mercy
We lost our way along the way
No monies clean
So everyone is livin' dirty
I don't rate man
Just cause of what they wearin'
Or what they earnin'
If you ain't checkin' for your kid
Then you're a bloody turnip
Shootin' your seed but you ain't man enough to bloody guide um
Leavin the system they live in to just crucify um
{Frank and Akala alternating bars}
They glamorizin' iron
While these little kids are dyin'
And it's rude to spit the truth about who's supplyin'
Tryin' cause they makin' money off a gun violence
And fool the masses
Is part of the cycle of cash
Inside this tiny island
It's all part of the planned scam
They don't want man to expand
Even if you bag grams
Still payin' the tax man
Leading us to the slaughter
Like lambs with our heads in the sand
When the only thing worth killin' or dyin' for is your fam!

{Hook x2}

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