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"Your Time Is Over"

Your empire will fall
But f*cks won't learn
What, you think you can duck your turn
Karma's a killer as sure as the sun rises
The death of your empire's on the horizon
Your atomic energy can't stop the timing
You [] bodies can't lock our minds in
Empires ain't only in the west have their course run
Had empires in the past cause we're all dumb
But far as I can see
Western supremacy's
The most anti-human force that's ever lived
And we can all see
Holes in the bottom of the ting
Right now the ship's gonna sink
So we paint the global south as the terrorists
Been livin' on their backs for half a millennia
It's over now explain that to these leaders
Nuclear war or accept new teachers

{Hook, Selah}
Over now
Your time is over now
Your time is over now
Your time is over now
Your time is times is over now

Look at our charity
We're oh so kind
Exterminate and feed um
At the same time
Eugenicists can no longer say what they mean
But look at the policies, it's the same thing
The world's over populated
Is it really
Or are they just talking about
The population of the major cities
No, it's only dark places
That are over populated
Still feel the guilt
We know how they made it
So kill their children before they rise up
If they act half as bad as us
Then we're really f*cked
It's a new day
We can't speak straight
Read between the lines
You will see what they say
A little bit of disease
And some sterilization
That's a great way to maintain population
That don't work, just bomb your nation
And bring you democracy, you should be great full


No reason to think they're gonna bow out gracefully
Empires only die death shamefully
The strange thing
A part of few
Colonize colonizer my tax on their food{?}
False aid
Charities get paid
News behave the same way
As when they sold slaves
Get assassinated, don't like our nice words
Lumumba, Sankara tip of the iceberg
U.S. even bombed the little island of Granada
Smaller than any one of the 50 states, cuz
They wanted to do their own thing, f*ck that
Empires are some gangster sh*t, love that
You're boastin' now but only for a time
Dennis Brown already done told um just fine
Every empire will die death that's terrible
What I wanna know is can we help with the inevitable
Demise of all of the power over the rest
Gonna take more than a bullet proof vest
Heads come off the top of revolutionaries
The revolution continues, cause it's necessary
I am not claimin' that title for myself
I'm comfortable, revolutionaries go through hell
What I am sayin' through the words that we spit
We can be a small part of the search for justice

{Hook x2}

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