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"Sixteen 16s | EP8"

[Akala : Verse 1]

So the saga runs on
This is still London same Billy with a truncheon
Now aimin their guns on
Shots to the sternum
c*ck Back Burn ‘em
Or choke an immigrant incase you brothers ain't learnin
Here’s a little reminder
The symbolic debt
Like, when they use to hange ‘em and tag ‘em for stealin bread
And all you were focused ons what the victim evolved with
Where they on the road did they wear a hoodie or smoke spliffs?
Couldn’t give a sh*t if they licked a million shots
Death penalty has been abolished, has it not?
And I seen way more drugs at Glastonbury than Carnival
But they don’t feel the need to send the police with arms at all
And while the paedophiles walk free
Public enemy number one my brother its still you and me
To see what’s going on, you ain't gotta be a clever sod
It’s all about race and class just like it ever was

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