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Walk back
Walk back
It’s not worth your life
Get off the bridge
It’s not worth it bro
It’s not worth it
You can do
You can change anything in your life bro
Anything bro

I’m writing this note to you
I’m writing this because
It might be the last time you’ll be hearing from me
Hopefully it ends well
Hopefully you understand
Hopefully my words sync into yourendocrine
Then get relayed into your grey matter
Cos this is a serious matter
At age 20, I became a millionaire
Invested the money in acquiring a land
But I couldn’t buy happiness
I call it 50 shades of sappiness
Maybe I wanted validation from the people all around me
Who were looking down on me because I wasn’t good looking?
Or dressing bloomy
Or dancing around
Posting pictures about me balling
Or in a group all day brawling
Or it was just academics
An epidemic
Or more like pandemic
Causing the highest rate of suicide
Among the youth
When it’s meant to rescue us from the sewers
Or wait
Maybe I’ll blame the schools
Marking us down with brute
Maybe I’ll blame he system
Holding down opportunities
Making sure we don’t seize them
Maybe I’ll blame the president
His country ain’t his resident
So irrelevant
Or maybe I’ll blame my parent
Always singing to my ears
Academics is the only key to success
Or maybe
Maybe I’ll blame God
I’m meant to watch my tongue
But really, with a billion people in his world
I’m only one

Or maybe I’ll blame my self
A freaking introvert
I sit to introspect
Words of wisdom from Gandhi
I hope to disperse
It hit me so hard and I hope I can really converse
Happiness is when what you say
With what you do
And what you think is in harmony
But really I’m in jeopardy
Often I talk to all my friends
They call me stress
They say I’m weak
They call me less
Searching for a true friend
Is becoming a game of chess
With all I have said
I realize the key to happiness is with me
Not academic, not even music
But it’s in my heart, words that I speak
The fact that I breathe
And as long as I breathe
My happiness is attached to me and not anybody
Nor material thing
All I’ve got to say?
Don’t kill your self
Love your life
Just love your self

I’m loving my life
I’m loving the way I’m living my life
I don’t want to ever, ever go back
I’m loving my life
I’m loving the way I’m living my life
I don’t want to ever, ever go back
(Go back)
(Go back)
(Go back)

[Spoken Word: Therapist (Lite The)
The true victim of the suicide isn’t you committing it
It’s the people around you who go through pain everyday of their lives
Wishing they knew about it and they could help you
So be open, speak to people

[Spoken Outro: Lite The & Folakemi]
So, I have a story I want to tell
A friend sent me this
So I felt like it will be the perfect time

Walking through the dark alley
Visibly shaken to the marrows
The evil lurks in her very being
How did she get to this point?
The memories had begun flooding her petrified mind
But she tried, she really did
She tugged at his sleeves with her last strength
Pleading for just an ounce of pity
But he had other ideas
He wanted her body for the grades
And she wasn't getting out of this
"Stupid girl, wasteful child!" Her father had screamed into her cochlea
But she tried, she really did
She couldn't help but give in to him
To everyone, she was to blame after all
Her belly grew but the grades never did
Her parents couldn't afford the church shame
The extended family withdrew
She decided on the comforting solution for everyone
Or so she thought
Tonight was the final straw
She jumped in front of a moving truck and met death with open arms

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