My Reputation

Demi Lovato

[Intro: Jeezy]
What's up? (What's up? What's up?)
Haha (Haha, haha)
Oh they ain't ready for this one here
Yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Cool, icy, homie
Yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Talk to 'em homie

[Verse 1: Lil Duval & Jeezy]
Girl I love your confidence (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
You don't be stressin' me (Not at all, baby)
'Cause baby you already know what's up with us (You already know)
And even though they try, they can't come between us babe, hey

[Pre-Chorus: Jeezy, with Lil Duval]
Let's go
They say they saw me, with who? (Yeah)
When I was at home and smokin' with you (Hahaha)
They always talking about what I do (Hеy)
And who I'm with, some sh*t, not true (Nah)
It's always the hе say (He say), she say (She say)
Pay 'em no mind anyway
'Cause when I come home, put her on the phone
And let her tell you what she say (Yeah, what? what? Woah)
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