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Travis Porter

"Dream Team"

[Verse 1: Strap]

f*ck what y'all heard, we going in on top
f*cking Pittsburg now we pop y'all top
I'm on Candler Road with the real D boys
And everything foreign we ain't rent these toys
Diamonds on my neck and (?)
Throw your set up throw your click up
n*gga what you represent?
We some Street Executives aka professionals
Know I brought the party pack (?)

[Verse 2: Quez]

I get it, I pop it, I show it
Them percocets got me on Mars
I do not f*ck with them boys (2x)
Look n*gga I'm the sensai
Better make sure that your rent paid
Before you come popping your sh*t
You get popped in your sh*t and I hop in a 6 tre
I'm with my brother (?)
He doing 20 a week
We ain't worried about them little-bity b*tches they ain't f*cking with Street
Couple multimillion dollar n*ggas in a multimillion dollar trap
20k on the front and 20k on the back, b*tch!

[Verse 3: Ali]

Young n*gga got it made
Drop hits get you paid
Get some money get ya laid
New edition escalde
In the back with your main
Swerve first switching lanes
Sipping pink lemonade
My hoe drive me crazy
Top hat with no shades
Young n*gga on the way

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