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Travis Porter

"Round N Round"

[Verse 1: Quez]

T-P, 3 Live, Turnt up, shawty gone bust it open
Ass fat, sundress, wind blowing, shawty know I see it poking
Take it up, take it down, hit the ground, think I feel the floor shaking
Damn girl. You cute as f*ck, thick as f*ck. Think you're into role playing?
Cops and robber, Spider-Man, Doctor Oc, f*ck the girl, got the top
Show the titties, drop the top, shake that ass
Whatcha doing? The pop and lock?
God damn she work that ass, twerk that ass, move that ass round n round
I got friends, you got friends, we all friendly
Lets make it blend. It's going down

[Verse 2: Strap]

Magic City, 20 bands, God damn, shawty got me in a trance
f*ck the plan, red cab (?)
I am a trend setter
If that your b*tch better come get her
She S&M then, I hit from the back, and then I send her back to that dumb n*gga (Ayy)
Tiffany she from Tennessee, Stephanie got specialty
I got twins, they going in, been dreaming bout having sex with me
Guess they got telepathy. Checked up I'm flexing B
Street Execs, that who we be, yeah yeah we got little recipe

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