"Lemon Ice Cream"


[Verse 1]
Let's talk about how long it took your boy to finally get here
Happy is a state of mind, I plan to build a crib here
I don't leave the city 'less I'm out and doing business
Soon as I moved out the city, I was so far out my limits
And it seems that I've adjusted, but there's growing pains
Used to have so many friends, but we just grew away
Think I might just shoot my shot at someone that I don't deserve
Because I think she'll make me better, lemon ice cream on my shirt
And I just stumble over words, when I've always had the rhythm
And that sh*t's hella crazy, I don't get it
Something like eleventh grade when I was catching feelings
But never had the courage so I turned 'em into lyrics
And I don't have regrets, but I've been ashamed
I can't change the past, so I'll learn from my mistakes
Working on it now, watch me do me better
And I know that you used to be in love, I do it better
Let's get ice cream, let's hang out (Yeah)
Let's go to the movies, are you down
You could meet my mama, let's hold hands (Let's hold hands)
And let's give each other, one last chance (Woo)

I told you I was going to write a song about a girl, didn't I (Yeah)
But, that doesn't mean you can't, you know, imagine it's about you
Yeah, uh

[Verse 2]
I go to bed way too late
I wake up later than I should, yeah
I've been stuck in a routine where I find all the bad and lose out on the good
I've been trying to do better, but I slip (Slip)
Ain't no traction on my shoes, ain't no backing out this time, I'll do everything I gotta
I'm a real problem, I'm a real baller
I'm like Bronny, I'm like his father
I'm the real deal, got my training wheel off
I don't listen to nobody that wear shoes with no socks
I don't act like I'm too petty or somebody I'm not
I don't play with my potential, I do sh*t 'til it stops
And we a team mama, you all I need mama
I don't need drama, I don't need the scene no more
Why you saying nothing, why you mean-mugging?
Might be star-studded, but, you all I see, mama
Like my beat bumping, like my shirt off
Like my drums knocking, like you like a lot baby
I'm so love-stricken, I'm in lust with you
Matter fact, I think I must just fall in love with you
I don't want to wait
I just wanna be with you
I don't want to wait
No more, no more
No, I don't want to wait
I just want to be with you
I don't want to wait
No more, no more
Now take off
You know I do (You know I do)
In my life (In my life)
Mama I
You know I do
(Drop the beat)
Name the time and the place mama
I'ma do all that I can to be there
Name the time and the place mama
I'ma find a way, I'll be in the stands
Name the time and the place mama
Whatever it takes, I'm your number one fan
Name the time and the place mama
And I'ma get ya, I'ma get ya
Lemon ice cream, yeah
Lemon ice cream, woo, yeah, uh
Lemon ice cream, yeah
Lemon ice, lemon ice, lemon ice cream, yeah
Yeah, I'ma get ya

I'm not gonna say your name, but, you know who you are

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