"Bass Drop"

Bass drop. Feelin my sh*t yo face stop

Kick gonna hit on the head bop, head top reppin the buzz no dreadlock

Caught my sneak diss I messed up, depressed im stressed gotta rest up

Believe im best, ima go flex with the chest up, then I rest im blessed up

Trippin on vibe and these notes, whippin on mine its leased though

Releasin decent beats need the grease increased to please this bistro

Fake f**k with it now sh*t he wrote. sh*t gettin old i dont need no

Deceased flow at least i feast beats like beast, i rhyme like im east coast

sh*t, off it. ima go off till you forfeit

Come to my fortress with no garbage no shortness of breath or i toss it

sh*t, classic. these b*t*hes fake nose plastic

Weight Jurassic can't fit in a casket need lactic acid

Master mind fast i find disaster rhymes blast i grind my light gone cast through blinds
No class she won't last if im inside pass her ass like grass to mans in line
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