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"No Competition"

Yeah, uh

Really gotta test myself nowadays
Had to flip the sample and hit it another way
I've been dodging calls like bullets, been running laps in fact
My competition is me, and I been kicking my ass
And I been loving the salt, put that sh*t on my dinner
Been flipping hella money trees, I've been catching the splinters
Armani all on my jeans, I live the life of a winner
She got her claws in my back, I'm feeling like Kawhi Leonard
And I been tickling keys, I've been serving up beats
Come and get you some vegetables, you look like you could eat
And I don't listen to y'all, I don't do what I'm told
Because I'm way too f*cking talented to settle at all
And I'll never be giving my minutes away
Type of player nobody would ever trade
And I know you're under pressure, you look tense, put your mood on a sedative and your girl in my hat because I'm her fav
And I'm living in the real world, welcome to my crib
This the type of place where you never would exist
I been setting milestones, overdriven with the pen
And it's me that's out the pen, while you sitting on the fence
I've been trying to figure out why you so damn cheap
Name one thing that you ain't got leased
Everything I need, man, I own in full
And my refrigerator slapping, to your girl I'm goals
And it's time for a switch-up, drink getting mixed up
Throw it right back, too quick, catch hiccups
I'm a little sweet, you a little bitter
But I can't even lie, girl, it's you I want for dinner
And no I isn't finished, rapper and the business
Singer and the guy that was neither but was committed
I made my decision, do it and deliver
Or do it and go broke it doesn't matter cause I did it
You can question my agenda, question my intentions
But never f*cking question who I am, because I've earned that
These my blessings, quick with the shade
Quick to assume you is Woj with the takes
Every bit of news, isn't breaking news
But I will breakaway soon as I get hold the ball
Warming up, getting loose, breaking in the shoes
Feeling Kevin Bacon, might get jiggy with the moves
And the world is for taking, what's that mean to you?
Cause you is my world, let me be your number two
Been said no feelings, then I caught feelings
Fall the wrong way, might catch your boy kneeling
And me isn't Colin, but me is a baller
Had to drop lines, but I'm still a shot-caller
A tough act to follow, but one that you should
Take off your shoes, let's dance on the hood
Man, it's no competition, man on a mission
I write the stories and this first edition
And you need to listen, no, really listen
Not how it sounds, but the things that I mention
And life's full of lessons, found me a teacher
Girl, all my exes was me doing research
Why's it so easy, when did it happen?
Broke and alone, now I'm rich and I'm happy
That's word to my spirit, never let 'em break me
Even when the tension had me feeling like I hate me
Ten whole years, and I'm still a rookie
But I'm about to get that supermax though, book it
Might lose my footing, running up the stats
But I'll be in my bag by the time I even crash
And I'm never gonna settle, taking none of this for granted
Cause I got everything I ever needed, so I'll manage
Man, there's no competition

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