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"Red Striped Jeans"

[Verse 1}
Bring back September, like
When it’s fall, but the days still feel like a summer night
Chilled shots of Tequila
Don’t forget the salt-shaker and the limes, it’s a whole vibe
You look so cool
Never thought I had a type, but you make me feel some type of way
I can’t wait to see you
I’m so proud of you, girl, you’ve got me so mesmerized
So if you ask me, you’re what I need
Pretty green eyes, with them red stripe jeans
I’m in love with you
And every little thing, that you ever need
I’ma buy twice, 'cause you’re worth that price
I’m in love with you

[Verse 2]
And I took a little trip, visited a friend
Spent the whole time in my AirBnB
I was lost and confused
I had just quit my job, short on my rent
Thought I’d get away, see if I could find me
But I found you instead
And I know you like to ask, me if I'm mad
The answer is the same, every time, we’re a team
How I could be mad?
I wish you liked me, your favorite thing to say
Don’t even have to ask, cause it’s more than you think
I’m your biggest fan

Let’s take the jump in September, let’s find a place, you and me
Let’s stay warm in November, I’ll learn how to rake leaves
Let’s get drunk in December, exchange gifts by a tree
These are the times we’ll remember, and babe, you..

You look so cool
You look so cool
Girl, you look so cool
You look cool
Girl, God damn you look cool
You look so cool
Swear to god that you look.. cool
You look cool
I’m in love with.. your red striped jeans

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