Joe Moses

"Real LA sh*t"

Shake that ass for me
Paupa got beats, making history, on God!
Larry making all the hits

This some West Coast sh*t, this some West Coast sh*t
Real LA sh*t! Real LA sh*t!
Shake that ass for a real one
Buss that ass for a real one
Twerk that ass for a real one
Pop that ass for a real one

[Verse 1: RJMrLA]
Ay, there ain't nothing like tight pu**y on my d**k
Tell her keep a n***a brick like I'm Freeway Rick
I'ma ratchet ass n***a, I don't practice that sh*t
b*t*hes three up in the morning, get it brackin' on the d**k
Shake that ass Jasmine, shake that ass Cordae
Get a bag, mami, (You the man RK!)
Ay, f**k it up, pop your heels for a real one
Wait, you ain't a real one 'til you peel one, ay
Never been lit, leave your best one
And if that money come quick, then invest some
b*t*h f**k me 'cause I'm f**king with some Laker n***as
But I don't pay to f**k, b*t*h, I pay the babysitter
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