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"Killin' Em"

I don't know why y'all astonished or what y'all looking surprised for
This was so expected like, who kills more hoes than I, whore?
I'mma contradiction I got bars but I'mma deadzone
You can't call nobody. What do you want on ya headstone?
I told my n*gga he act right, he'll get his head blown
If I say that to a b*tch that means she'll get her wig flown
He looked at my belt he said "What's all those cool attachments?"
I said, "They ain't for fashion you see, I'm holdin' ratchets."
He thought I was playin' he was smilin' he was laughin'
Until I told him kick it out or these tools will be blastin'
He said "C'mon, Keys, you killin' me"
I said, "Yeah, literally." He "Oh my god, she is not playin', this is it for me."
But that's that Project Pat sh*t with the Jordan's on
If I'm rocking pumps then I let him play the boring songs
They say they killin' me it leaves kinda giggly
b*tch, you are a preview, I'mma f*cking epic trilogy

We was ridin' in the whip, he was passing swishes
I said, "Naw, Hon, I only smoke them rapping b*tches."
See, we kill 'em so often, keep a portable coffin
So we don't have to travel too far right after we off 'em
They still mad how I assaulted, last April
I'm speaking to the game like you know I'm bout to rape you
See my life's la vida loca 'cuz I keep a lot of coka
I don't have no time for dumb hoes, I just grab her up and choke her
See my life is so damn chipper and the world's a game of poker
If you want to come and play with me, you'll leave my table broker
Your act is gettin' old, I mean, honestly it's boring
Ok you are my mother but, my name is Lizzie Borden
I came into the game cause the throne was looking cloned
Then I killed the b*tch with the crown and I took it for my own
Chicks say that they killin' em, the job is not done yet
Pass Key Key the gun and I'mma leave these b*tches dumb wet

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