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Daft Punk

"Something About Us (REMIX)"

Something about you that I just can’t ignore
The way my hand fits perfectly into yours
Your smile and your lips I certainly do adore
But your vibe and energy keeps me coming back for more and sure
It may not be the right time but I find
You, constantly running laps in my mind
Maybe that’s a benign sign to be aware and strong
Instead of a sprint, it's preparing me for a marathon
I know we share a strong bond that’s beyond songs
But I want you to remember me when I am long gone
This for the muscle in my chest you steal
The affection I feel, tell me the connection’s real
Babygirl you’re a rose in this concrete jungle
And I would roll through your thorns to solve your puzzle
Cuz I know what they’re there for
Your past left scars and that’s been hard
But I wanna heal em and care for em
Your way of being is so sensual
All my senses heighten when I’m next to you
There’s never a boring moment caressing you
I’m all for equality mami but how could I possibly do that
I rather place you on a pedestal but..

(Daft Punk's Something About Us)

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