Stop Skeemin’
{"Stop scheming!" - Milk Dee}
{"What more can I say?" - Milk Dee"}
{"Stop scheming!"}
{"What more can I say? - Stop scheming!"}
{"Stop scheming!"} (x2)
{"What more can I say?"}(x2)
{"Stop scheming!"}

[Verso 1: KRS-One]
Yo I'm, I'm here to see a friend
He came here last night about 12:10
The charge? Well he killed his girlfriend
Huh? Fill this out - yo you got a pen?
What time did I come in?
Yes, yeah I'll follow you
Oh there he go - yo wha**up? Man you went OUT yo!
Tchk, yo how you shruggin' your shoulders?
You lookin' at double life here soldier!

[Joe - singing #1]
Tell me what was on your mind
You should've thought a second time
Now you gotta leave your dreams behind
For life.. {"What more can I say? - Stop scheming!"}
[Verse 2: KRS-One]
See that's what I'm sayin', you gots to change your att**ude G
Listen to me, the judge seein' your case is a thirty-three degree
Maybe you can find your pops, a thirty-three degree
And see if you can be free by no later than three
Yo why you lookin' at me like that? What'chu mean it's whack?
You got a six figure bail and not a dime in the sack
See I told you, one day you'd caught her last time creepin'
You shoulda just let her go but you couldn't stop schemin'

[repeat 2X: Joe - singing #2]
Shoulda just walked away, walked away
Walked away..
Now they got you locked away, locked away
Locked away.. {"What more can I say?"}

{"Stop scheming!"}
[Joe] Whoa-ohhhh!

[Verse 3: KRS-One]
Nah nah, na nah nah nah yo listen man you ever heard of
The fact that you get one time for premeditated murder?
Um, don't argue man just yesterday y'all were kissin and huggin
What you lost your temper or somethin?
Huh? Yeah well killin a lady WORSE
You should always think FIRST!
Yo I'mma try to.. tchk here comes the C.O
Yo wha**up time's up! Yo I'll say wha**up to your P.O
[Joe singing #1]
[Joe singing #2] - 1/2

{"What more can I say? - Stop scheming!"}