Intro (Joe Budden)
I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming

[Joe - talking over background vocals]
Okay, the time has finally come, beautiful people
Yeah, I've been singing this tune for entirely too long now
For like, 8 or 9 years, something like that
But I'm here, only to present to you your album
Featuring myself, Joe Budden, hi haters

The time is finally near, it's getting closer I'm finally scared
Scratch that, the album's out y'all, it's finally here
I repeat myself for the haters, y'all, I'm finally here
Every street corner, jail cell, finally cheer
Cause it was y'all that voted me, y'all that noticed me
It was y'all that said I should've been signed to Def Poetry
It was y'all that said yes, y'all can floetry
Mama raised me proper, the streets just molded me
The streets coded me, made me a better pedigree
Now things are complicated like Avril Lavigne said it be
But I took some time out to get my sh*t straight
And present to you, jump off 70 minute mixtape
This here's for real, this here's the official
This year it's not a "Best Of," this is the best of
How can I say this?
It's sorta like - Hov', 'Pac, B.I.G. blended with Bill Withers and Miles Davis
Let's add Al Green, folks, I miscalculated
Now it's Ludacris time, "Move - get out my way b*t*h!"
A rapper's rapper, the kid can do this
To you ignorant motherf**kers, don't misconstrue this
Everything reversed now, I live in the matrix
So how can I stay anonymous, when it's my job to be famous?
A lot of y'all can't interpret when I'm speaking that language
But some better understand to the rest it's better you can't
Now, when you speak of the elite, I feel honored if mentioned
Because the goal is on top, never honorable mention
If Joe's purpose is due, here it is, it's no further anew
Enough said with no further ado