[Intro: Jacquees & Birdman]
Rich Gang
Come on

[Chorus: Jacquees]
Yes, I love your physical, but it's your energy
I got no fear to put you on a pedestal, put all your trust in me
I feel like I picked the right time (What?) to hit your line (Yeah)
Girl, you all mine (Uh-huh)
Anticipatin' for a long time
Will you verify what I feel inside? (What I feel inside)

[Verse 1: Young Thug & Gunna]
Truck the chicken, get a million out the whole ride (Yeah)
Fifty Shades of Grey with b*t*hes got 'em all tied (Ooh)
Lamborghinis and Ferraris, you're verified (Skrrt, skrrt)
Strawberry, kiwis and greens, you got berry eyes (Skrrt)
She from Swahili, the color of wild berry eyes (Yeah)
How much you sip lean, that lets you know you're verified (Yeah)
I got my heart broke, now I keep me a spare tire (Spare)
I'm in a tall Rolls Royce truck, I feel very high (Rolls, ayy)
f**k a bus, (What?) Rolls Royce, (Skrrt) yeah, yeah
Twist it up, (Yeah) roll a Dutch, (Yeah) yeah, yeah
I got tires on the 9, yeah, yeah
Sting your body then you die
Yeah, I got vibes all on my line, yeah, yeah
She just wanna be verified, yeah, yeah
Different, I think you one of a kind (Yeah)
She from New York, but she don't like to Milly Rock (Milly Rock)
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