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[Intro: BABY BLUE WHOAAAA & Jacquees]
Oh, oh, oh
It's Jacquees, wassup, baby?

[Chorus: Jacquees & BABY BLUE WHOAAAA]
I won't waste no time (Time)
I'ma keep you satisfied
I'll get down on one knee (One knee)
And lick up all that cream, yeah
And I'm gon' take my time (My time, oh)
I'ma keep you satisfied (Keep you satisfied)
Every night (Every night, Night, yeah)
I can keep you satisfied

[Verse 1: BABY BLUE WHOAAAA & Jacquees]
Lay back and relax
Put your head back
I'm 'bout to give you this wetter-than-ever head (Yeah, yeah)
Slow sex when you laying here naked in my bed
Making you c*m is the focus (Oh, woah)
Any position I put the tip in gon' leave you walking different
Parrot toed, bow legged (Yeah)
You my main hoe
I'm a playa' (Yeah)
I'm 'bout to let every hoe go then wife you like Will and Jada
Yeah, that's the plan (Yeah, yeah)
You been my secret forever, nobody gotta know
And if you know, then you know, keep it on the low
I'm in your secret garden removing your red Vickie secrets in my apartment, top floor
Make you scream, they can hear you moan next door
Who pu**y is this?
Blue Hefner, the nympho (Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
First time we f**ked, a n***a tied you up with rope
You say, nobody did that to you before
Made you c*m three times, maybe four
Can't take no more 'cause that pu**y sore
I'ma run your bath water, make that pu**y soak (Yeah, yeah)
I'm in love with you, swear to God
How the f**k you make a young hood n***a like me fall?
Get a n***a d**k hard everytime you call
On FaceTime when you in them panty drawls
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