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"Used to This"

[Intro: Jacquees]
What's happenin'?

[Chorus: Jacquees]
Money to the ceiling (Hey)
I know you ain't used to this livin' (Ha, right)
Have you shinin' like Christmas (Christmas)
I'ma take shawty with me (Hey)
I be Bobby and you be Whitney (Hey)
And we don't fuss, we don't fight (No)
And we don't fuss, we don't fight (No)
And we don't fuss, we don't fight (No way)

[Verse 1: BR3]
Part of me been thinking wait a minute
The other half just want extended living
So pardon me if I'm confused a little
Bout how you can bring so many different feelings
And the money is tempting, irrational b*t*hes be so so gone
Flat when the 64 on, tryna push it
Push back 'til your back beat gone
But honesty and loyalty would make your backbone strong (Woo)
Are my intentions matching your intentions?
It's a beautiful situation, ain't no counter interest
Hate and jealousy in your pocket, still it bust your britches
And if pressure could cut a diamond, we got diamond stitches
Army mission, salute a Major or a major vision
Ain't no playin' with it, you been ridin’ like a shawty with extended clips
And since you miss’s, bliss you miss me
Cause a kiss can make you slip
And when you trip, extended seasons fall in, I’m all in
And when you got my head ringin’, I’ma call you (I’ma call you)
And if you springin’ every summer, I’ma foul you (I’ma foul you)
And when we mood switch, mood rings bring
Every move that I love when your mood ring change
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