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"Burger King Rap"

Let me get a couple double quarter-pound kings
A pancake platter with a couple onion rings

I want some chicken fries added with a garlic side
Salad, and a double ham sandwich, don't forget the
No cheese, miss me with it
A bacon crispy chicken
Everything up in the kitchen
Everything up in the kitchen
I need ketchup for the dippin'
Mellow Yellow what I'm sippin'
If it's breakfast, I'm gon' need a different sandwich in my vision
I can have it my way, when it come to BK
Need the Hershey pot, yeah and the Oreo cheesecake
A hundred thousand nuggets on the side, for pete's sake
Come on, don't worry, I pre-paid
This ain't gonna be enough, I promise you, I'm tellin' you
Wait, hold up, I think I need a second too
I'ma need a Hershey pot, get some chicken tenders too
I'll empty out my check in the counter, max out my credit too
Let me get a sprite, I'm a thirsty guy
Serve me fries on the side of a Hershey pot
Serve me food, I'll serve you rhymes every time
If your manager is hiring, then I'm the guy
Yeah, yeah

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