Did You Get My Message? - Audience Rehearsal; Live at The Schubas Tavern, Chicago, IL, 2006 lyrics

Jason Mraz

I was nervous that the heat was gonna take the tuning away from us
But I think we did ok
Ok, um... I'll just change the subject and play it now, so let's now do that
This one I normally don't get to play
I usually play this one by myself, but it's serious fun
I can do that 'cause I can

[Verse 1]
Did you get my message?
The one I left while I was trying to condense everything
That I meant in a minute or less when I called to confess
And make all of my stresses go bye-bye?
Did you get my message?
You didn't, I guess
If you did, you would've called me with your sweet intent
And we could give it a rest
'Stead of beating my breast
Making all of the pressure go sky-high

[Verse 2]
I just had an idea, ok?
You guys know the song, obviously, very well
So, there is a part in the second verse that goes like this
Uh oh, where did it go?
Ok, just that part
Uh oh, where did it go?
No, no, no
Ok, this is your part
Uh oh, where did it go?
No go, a no go
Must have bypassed your phone
And flown right outta the window
Oh well, how can I tell?
Ok there's a part later in the song, alright check it out
When you listen to the song there's this kind of
"Should you ever call back?", you know that?
Ok? And then there's, um...
"Not much sand in the glass", you know that part?
And then there's a "Ha... Ooh... Ha..."
Very nice, now, very nice, yeah, let's
Now let's, let's have a second part
Check this out, they don't have another part
So like, every other person go "Ha... Ooh... Ha..."
Ok, and other people, all the elder people do the answers
So group one does this, go, "Ha... Ooh... Ha..."
Ok, now, if you wanna be group 2, this is what you'll do, keep singing, group one
Ha... Ooh... Ha...
Ha... Ooh... Ha...
Ha... Ooh... Ha...
Ok, we got it, we know this
This is what we're gonna do
Cause we're recording it
If you guys do those parts like, "Should you ever call back?" and "Uh oh, where did it go?"
And the "Aahs" and "Oohs" and the middle and the big ending
Then it will sound like this fraking crazy choir
'Cause, 'cause we'll edit all the rehearsal stuff out
It's gon' be the jam
It's gon' be good
Group one
Ha... Ooh...
And group one
Ha... Ooh...
(Ha... Ooh...)
(Ha... Ooh...)
(Ha... Ooh...)
That's how it gonna end, ok? Gotta go crazy
Ok here we go
Thank you
Pretending I'm coming out of the first song
Thank you
Alright, here's another we can try out
Won't be a good thing this thing about that, I don't know
Here's one you might know
Let's do that
I like it
I could use five bucks for that one

Check it out!

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