Joe Jackson

"She’ll Surprise You"

[Verse 1]
Hey Victor!
Where's that girl you're looking for?
I know her type
Earth mother
Always waiting at your door
You always thought
You needed someone
Who could let you sleep at night
And then she came along
And woke you!

She'll surprise you
Look her straight in her eyes
Realize you
Had it figured all wrong
She'll surprise you
Just keep hoping that you
Recognize her
She was there all along
The girl of your dreams
May not be what she seems
She'll surprise you

[Verse 2]
Hey playboy!
You don't think you have to look
They come to you
Thеy're stupid
They can't write, or rеad, or cook
You always thought
That you preferred blondes
When that red haired girl can love you right
Now on your stoop
Too proud to beg
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