Bring The Whole Hood

Evvie McKinney

Verse 1:
I come from Memphis, Tennessee
Little small house big family
Seven kids and I'm the baby
But I'm grown now
And I'm like praise the Lord
Cause everything I've been praying for
Is finally knocking on my door
And it's so so loud

And I'm gon' take it
I told y'all I'm gon' make it
And when I make it

I'ma bring the whole hood with me
They say girl what you talkin about
I'ma bring the whole hood with me
Then I'ma buy my mama a house

Verse 2:
And my mama done worked her butt off
Make sure the lights don't cut off
Made sure we never went hungry
So now I gotta make that money
And I'm making my daddy so proud
That's where I got my sound
I know that he can hear me now
Putting on for my town (M-TOWN)

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