Look No Further

Evvie McKinney

[Verse 1]
For the ones who feel like they're defeated
Too weak to stand back up and fight
For the ones still running, He is waiting
Like a Father with arms open wide

Won't you
Lift your eyes from the ground?
Heaven is calling out
Come and see where true love is found

If you're looking for freedom, looking for a breakthrough
Looking for somebody who knows every pain that you hold
And the things that you're going through
If you've got a heart that's, broken into pieces
If you need a healer, a savior, a miracle maker
Then you don't have to
Look no further than Jesus, woo! (Look no further than Jesus)
Look no further than Jesus, uh (Look no further than Jesus)

[Verse 2]
For the ones who feel they've been rejected, uh
For the ones who hang their heads in shame

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