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Jack Stauber


"And now: A dark walk
Through 'The Five Aisles of Grief’"

[Verse 1: Denial]
This can't brie
There's more cheese to choose
Than I can see

[Verse 2: Anger]
You gouda be kidding me
I can’t make this decision
On my provolone

[Verse 3: Bargaining]
If I act better
Could someone else select
My cheddar

[Verse 4: Depression]
Are these bleus parma-nent?

[Verse 5: Acceptance]
I'll be okay
I'll look away and
Let the universe say

"Dairy-free maple coconut water cheese...
I could've pick something better than that... Ah!"

[Verse 6]
I could (I could)
I trust I would pick something
Better (Better, better)
My choice
It's a decision I make
To be a good go-getter

Every milk will expire
So toss your oatmeal
And eat something new
Coffee moderation
Life is messy
And your bread isn't you (You, you, you, you)
(Oh no, your bread isn't you, you, you, you)

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