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Fat Tony

"In Your Room [HOSPITAL Remix]"

Walk to your front door, what do I see?
You, waiting for me
Into the bedroom, we will be
Sitting on your sofa and we feast
I brought some DVDs
We can watch these or you can let me
Get a little bit closer and hold ya
I won't step out of your boundaries
Just wanna know about you, all that you're into
All that you won't do, and all that you went through
Tell me, help me understand
You, reveal your points and plans
I'm in a whirl even though you just a girl
As a boy I enjoy to lust your world
I'm not a toy but I'll wind up and curl
Into your arms to prevent any harm
I sense your charm, like a ticking time bomb
Not a minute can be wasted, the next day you're gone
Miss, this is good bye, so long
Just hit me anytime that you want

You're ill, still, can we just keep it real?
Girl, let me know what's the deal
All I really wanna do is feel you feeling me
And we can do anything that you want to
My plan is to have cause I want you
Hope you understand how I do
My, you caught my eye, boo

In your room is where I wanna go
In your room you're all I wanna know

Well, here we go you're at the door
And I don't now what I should do
Obviously I'll let you in cause I invited you
But it'd be rude, to say the least
If I was just a biiish [Lisa slang for "b*tch"]
Or even yet a tease, or better yet a freak
But I'm just Lisa acting like Patrice
On Coming to America, but I don't wanna scare ya
I don't wanna marry ya
I just wanna double dog, triple dog dare ya...
To pull my hair (what....?)
Just playing...
You got me acting stupid like my name Damon Waynes
Just saying....
What have I been up to? Um, let's see...
Have I been busy? No, not lately
I just post up in my room thinking 'bout you
Rolling as one, wishing it were two
But now that you're here it's a dream come true
And we can do whatevs that you wanna do
Actually... ooh wee!
Boy, what you trying to do to me?
Looking at me like I'm lusty
Don't you know that I'm a lady?
In the streets but not in the sheets though
Keep it real and you might get a peep though

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