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Ice Nine Kills

"Jonathan (Acoustic)"

[Verse 1]
God has taken my eyes
If I see no reflection
How the hell do I know I'm alive?
As the darkness bleeds into my mind
The force that screams to give up
Is grave enough to carve my name into a stone

Inspired by hope or defined by disease?
If you knew what it meant to be me

Could you close your eyes and never say "never"?
Or would you call this the end of the road?
I'm running out of memories, a shell of what I used to be
As this curse drains the life out of me

[Verse 2]
God has taken my eyes
Yet blind faith couldn't kill me
It just is what it is between him and I
I've made sense of my senses
And found my defenses internally
This is what sets me free
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