Smash Mouth
Whole Lotta Love
[Verse 1]
It's like I told you before baby
And what more could I say that I know you should know
Three little words are thrown around so much
That after a while they begin to lose their touch

[Verse 2]
And you know that I should think of something better
Switch it around like I came up with something clever
Or maybe I should just shut up
Cuz I got nothing but a whole lotta love

Could you be lovelier?

[Verse 3]
For you I'd take off my shoes and my socks baby
And watch you laugh as I walk across burning rocks
But then I couldn't chase you everywhere you go
And it's all about the chase, everybody knows

[Verse 4]
I'd like to think that you would never make me do this
But you know I'd do it if I had to prove it
I'd do it again and again, you know I'd dummy up
Cuz I got nothing but a whole lotte love

[Verse 5]
Could you be lovelier?
Could I be luckier?
So why was I so dumb?
Maybe we're living on Mars
And Venus is too far
Now I got nothing but nothing to lose

[Verse 6]
Could you be lovelier? I don't know
But I've seen a lot of things and nothing measures up
They say that beauty never goes deeper than the skin
I know a certain girl they've never ever seen
[Verse 7]
And when I see ya I just wanna get near ya
And I just wanna make it crystal clear
It's like I told you before, I got nothing more for you
But a whole lotta love