Smash Mouth
Pushing Me To Dotardness
[Bridge 1:]
Well, the years start comin' and they don't stop comin'
Fed to the rules and I hit the ground runnin'
Didn't make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb cause

(All that glitters is gold)
They demand so much from us, from us...
(all that glitters is gold)
And require me to do it with a smile, a smile...
(all that, all that glitters is gold)
And guess what? I don't give a f**k, a f**k...
(all that glitters is gold)
You still rely on me? well, good luck with that, with that...

[Verse 1:]
Civilization won't herd me, I'm my daddy
(they born without ears?)
No wife had henpecked him, f**k you herdsmen!
This school's full of bodies, I'm their scabies;
It isn't hereditary, at first just hated couples
But now I hate e'rybody, they're all hinders
Like tolls in my expressway, I don't see any barrier
I just pa** as if was the hallway of my kindergarten
In slow mo... like an american teen movie
Plastics walkin' but I ain't any of 'em, I'm
Cady Heron, in a trash can white trashin' it
As Carrot Top's hotel lodgin', or it was Shaun
White? um well, f**k 'em; my head's like a cat's
Cradle, a string 'round my fingers and I need
To give it shape so stop pushin', pushin' Slingun to...

[Bridge 1:]

[Bridge 2:]
So much to do so much to see
So what's wrong with takin' the back streets
You'll never know if you don't go *scratch*
You'll never shine if you don't glow

[Verse 2:]
This school's similar to malarkey, an anarchy
They're guidin' me to be kind but nice fags
Are destined to end up last as if their vinegar
Strokes were delayed as a differential equation;
Look at me I'm trapped in a prison that
A****s use to call "scholarly frame of reference"
This is my confinement, what's in store
For me hereafter? I'll be attendin' a check-out
Like Apu? thank you come again!
So much sh*t on my rear view, karma's comin'
After me like Obama, I'm a kind of Rush
Limbaugh; how many are joyous with their job?
Only a few, fire me and don't push me to
Dotardness, cause I'm damned if I gotta live
This like you seein' how they keep pushin' and pushin'...


[Verse 3:]
All that homework's brainwasher, it's a bible
I forgot my own beliefs, luckily I got Slingun
By my side like Angelina, he's my Brad, an-
-other case of chimera, love my inner brother
And he hates me, but I'm al-so his courier, so in
A way or another he gotta acknowledge me
As his siblin'; it's simple, Slin without me is
Like the white dude from the Black Eyed Peas;
In what kinda terminology I gotta speak to this
B*t*h to make her understand I won't work
In an office or sh*t? what 'bout you always
Gotta follow your dreams? I went back
To bed and then amidst of a p***o dream 'bout a
Threesome between me, Helen Keller and
Gabourey Sidibe, Jesus appeared and start
Sayin' that I should quit rappin' and began studyin'
And I suggest him to stop b*t*hin' cause I'm
Slingun and I'm deaf as sh*t so everythin' he
Could say meant sh*t to me, so stop pushin' me to
This, that, this...
[Bridge 1:]

[Bridge 2:]


[Verse 4:]
Civilly tolerable manners are for bird-brained
Bipeds, I'm a moron which is always grabbin'
The hose comin' out of his nuggets like Michael
And then rub it on the dignity of my advisers:
"I love ya' Mariangeles your boobs are like
A pair of... *I like 'em*, I wanna lick that fumunda
Cheese from the tuck of your b***, glup!"
Sure that everythin' that I'll say will disgust y'all
Faggots! how does it taste? a little bit obnoxious?
Yeah! it's normal, that's why my father's
Givin' me his goddamned cold shoulder and my
Momma wanna leave me for adoption, but 'fore
That she'll try to rectify me as spirituality will
To homosexual intercourses, but what the
Deal 'bout the matter? if god's such a faggot
Like Tyra Sanchez but less f**kable than
Charles Busch wearin' a white peignoir over
Her corset; and yeah of course! while I left ya'
With that portray, I'll be escapin' from this life
That's pushin' me dotardness, like Ginger
I'm chicken runnin' and ain't thinkin' of returnin'


Only dirty minds break the mold...yeah!