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Gibbo (Gibbo)
Na-Na-Nah, uh

[Chorus: XVXPARIS]
I'm with the gang, you can't slide (Yeah)
My money tall, it's yay high (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
But we finna ball like A-I
Shawty got good brain like a A-I (Woah, woah, woah, woah)
Woke up and swipe sh*t, f**k a day job (Woah, brr)
You n***as be slaving and sh*t (Ayy, yeah)
She wanna have my baby and sh*t
Damn, these backends paying my rent, yeah
Do it and do it again
My Glock got a twin (Yeah)
I'm for the win
I'm dubbing you and your friend
Broke hoes ain't allowed, can't get in
Walk in with this loud, they like “What's that smell?” Pack came in
Too many one's to count, goin' up like a mountain
You got-
f**king on a fan, I'ma do that sh*t again (Yeah)
n***a talkin' sh*t, pop out in the Sprinter van
Went to Florida for the vibes, can't wait to f**k it up again (f**k it up again)
I'm too real for a b*t*h (Oh)
She crying to me again (Crying to me again)
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