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[Verse One, Tay]:
n***as be real b*t*hes on the streets turn informant now they hard on the beat!
Writin statements on these traccs indiscreetly
Only person I put trust in is me, started with these hoes now they out for greed, they be hatin but they never want beef
On the internet they bangin for peace, cuz if I pull up then I’ll make it a scene, crime or homicide, watch ya momma cry, I’m at the wake with dead flowers on me, lookin I got ain’t power to grieve, ya soul left ya body a cowardice fling, but I’ll be immortal no challenging me... they look down on me, no doubt ima G!
If you try me you goin find out and see, can’t show mercy for ya, I know you weak! n***a!
Ain’t no match for natural born killa, murder instrumentals, hurtin every tempo, courage and charisma, I don’t need a pen or pad when I spittin, I rap what I’m livin, give it to you plain and simple I’m authentic, resurrect the spirit of Nipsey hussle with every single lyric
I cannot fucc wit a n***a in his feelings, I’ll make you a victim, Tay!

[Hook, Tay]:
My life is inertia, doin dirt and puttin work in, betchu ain’t solid like me!
And my flow is perfect, Won’t sell out or go commercial, you can’t be solid like me!
Always been a G, and I would die for my team, I know you ain’t solid like me!
The Hoes in love wit me, n***as fucc wit me, cuz I’m one hunnit! solid as can be!
I’m feedin my family, I don’t needa Grammy, They call you a GOAT when you solid like me!
You cannot approach me if you ain’t bout smoke, all my n***as on go cuz they solid like me!
The fucc is you spittin? b*t*h you ain’t got lyrics? Can’t fear a n***a who ain’t solid like me!
I don’t need no features I want all my cheese, until I’m deceased I’m solid as can be! n***a!

[Verse Two, Tay]: Who you mad at? Every time I see you it’s a class act...of theatrical n***as that try ya be gangsta or bad ass, where the fucc is yo trap at? Who you bussin yo strap at? You more like Ja Rule when you clap bacc
And we don’t believe you, you need the people to see you, we just deliver the evil, scriptures so lethal, so viral corona is equal to me when I’m speakin, and they goin catch it first, you goin pull off in a benz but that’s the hearse, people sad in church, casket rides where Paul bearers smash the dirt
Burying n***as, ain’t wit a label Won’t carry a n***a!
No ghostwriters so I’m scarin these n***as
Slicc tongue the hoes worried my n***a
Ten toes to the ground...they know I’m concrete to the grave
I ain’t goin waste time tryna smile cuz nowadays I feel surrounded by snakes
I’m addicted to adapting to hate, I get it everywhere I go it’s amazing
Still it don’t change all the money I’m rakin in!
Sign to the game that I’m breakin in, to grow into having the greatest pen
Might as well go head and say it then! I got love for my brothers No making friends, Theres cash to be made I’m take it, bring it all bacc to my hood then exchange it for a couple pounds, blow the potent loud, write
Ya eulogy while takin The praise... as the greatest undertaker in the game, n***a! Tay!
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