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"Bermuda Triangle"

[Verse One, Tay]:
I go by the name Tay and If you don’t know you better I...
Go get the money on my own, I’m my own boss I am not controlled, I’ve...
Been through it all seen it all, I...
Did some things that permanently scarred my mind
Fucced wit people I’ve lost in a short time, I don’t trust a soul in this one life
To know me is like a credential that you could not ever disown, fa ya whole life
The best rapper alive in my own right
Every beat I’m on feels like home, right?
I hope you agree if you vibin for free then ya gotta know Why I’m the GOAT like...
Kobe Bryant scorin 81 or Michael Jordan dunkin from the free throw line
I’m known for writin the dope lines, my flow could make me a gold mine
I’m cold, my soul is a bold sign, that you are not amongst your own kind!
Smooth Sailin I rep what I’m sayin, if you ain’t been through it then we not same
See my crew intuitive to gettin the paper
Together, no greed would reciprocated
I...would bleed fa this, no sleep fa this, I do it all get the bacc end
Indiscreet wit this, sh*t it ain’t no secret I’m just tryna bring the raccs in
The truest n***a on the tracc and... the realest spitta gettin it craccin, I’m blaccin out on an attacc binge, Treatin all ya albums like a snacc man it’s Tay!

[Hook, Tay]:
See I will not ever cap on my hood, See, that’s where from And that’s where I live
Really I could never purp on name, cuz Everyone knows me from sh*t that I did
And I would not ever dreegus on my n***as, If I say I love you then that’s what it is
I’ll never be down on my dicc for no clout, don’t need social media to tell me I’m real
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