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"Dark Tint"

[Verse One, Tay]:
I would walk from E 19th and Clifton maneuver through Main Street pass thru 8th and Williams, hit stearns and Curtis then rocc creek and kicc it, then head bacc to the burbs just to pour some liquor
Thought about a lotta liccs but this one in particular, made me think I’d hit if I’m the one whose slippin
Somehow I get a phone call and who did I hear
My lady who reigns from the south of Kentucky, my dear
Whatcha got fa me, I heard there’s all kinds a money down there, get the drop fa me, them n***as ain’t gotta know me round there
Is it hot for me, do I needa mask and a glocc for it, honestly I’d be shocced up you set up the flocc for me
She said I’m hungry too baby truss I’m on top of it
I know the n***as name, who he fucc, where the work at, I said it’s a stain if he try me it’s a dirt nap, they know what I claim, I’m insane, I’m a dunce cap, I bang mine, when on mission don’t waste time, come and get me in ya big bro’s whip, it’s game time, she pulled up in a blacc equinox I can’t lie, grabbed my navy blue flag and told my brothers I’m slidin, I said we’d split the pot the exact minute I got it
We hit the interstate south bound for 100 miles, we took exit 25 and crossed through the county lines, I load up and cocc the 9, playin biggie’s ready to die, let’s ride!

[Hook, Tay]:
Girl you know we both crazy like that, You the blame girl You made me like that, you be down to catch a case, split another hoes face, count the cash, weight the pacc, and make a play, blow the bag in one day, ay!
Girl you know we both crazy like that, I’m the blame cuz I made you like that, I’m the one to make it shake, put the heater in they face, get em on fa everything, stacc it up and feed the gang, ain’t a thang changed!

[Verse Two, Tay]:
She rolled up to that n***a trap spot, I said let’s kicc the door in and hit the stash spot, she said wait i know a way to make him b*t*h up, and give the grip up
I’ll call a friend so he think he gettin his dicc succed
Soon as he think it’s sweet, up the blicc, make him tense up, then tell him lay it down, I’ll grab the cash and we out tho, I told her it’s a go but we goin need somewhere to count up, she don’t worry bout it, I know a house outta town so...,
In motion we put it, she said this n***a was the plug but to me he a pu**y
We call his phone knocc on the door, he answered it shook and, tried ask questions bout my name where I’m from and who else came, he in danger, dawg!
The shorty wit us actin playful dawg, she said let’s go to ya room and Lemme take this off, as he obiliged it was crunch time, Stakin all spots in the crib, I’m finna take it all, Whatchu mean n***a? While shorty went to work we cleaned the whole scene n***a, she left the room...and thought she put him to sleep
Met wit us and said, he got the bands stuffed in his jeans, I cocced the pistol then I made way to retrieve the green
As soon as I reach the hallway all I heard was a scream, he said fucc all you n***as I’m ready made a scene, then he upped quicc, then he saw mine and rushed quicc, he said give me all the sh*t or I’m tempted to buss quicc
I said say less let off some rounds and I made a mess
Did I hit em? I won’t worry about it I can’t stress, shorty stucc him for the cash, then found and put on her dress, I let three strays off and evaded, I stay blessed
We took off and went straight to the crib to split the checc, she said if that n***a see you again he’s at ya necc, moral of the story is go get you some legal bread, ya never know what could happen whenever you into theft but I’m ready
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