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"Our planet is on fire"

[Verse 1]
How do you focus
With all this commotion
We can't keep our worries at bay
Everyone's anxious
To find peace of mind
It's so hard 'cause we're going astray

[Pre-Chorus 1]
There's been a change
The weather can explain
Erasing all of the good not the bad
It's no wonder why we're going mad

If you ask me how my friends are doing
I'd say they're fine
If you tell me to get into it
Let me rewind
'Cause nobody is happy
Or has all they desire
We cannot truly live free
When our planet is on fire

[Verse 2]
We should just give up
The cloud's getting thicker
With smoke blowing up in my eyes
Trying to handle
More than we can stand for
No wonder we're all in disguise
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