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Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire

"Black Mirror"

(...It’s a dog)
Payback is a dog (Dog, it’s a dog)
Payback is a dog (Dog, it’s a dog)

Alright man shoot it

[Phone Audio]
Alright hey yo this is [?] I’m callin in, wanted to check in, and um, I just want a strong sound man
I just want you to know man
The best way to get to know somebody is to show them who the f**k you are nahmsayin?
And then really really get to know a lot of yall, really
So don’t hide, nahmsayin?
Stay up, stay tight, stay real
And imma squalor back

[Mr. Muthaf**kin eXquire]
Yo, turn my vocals up a little bit?
Just a smidge?

[Verse 1]
I was a runt chasing pigeons up in Von King Park
I used to fall big momma would dust my knees off
Oshkosh tees, scuffed my aqua green 54 leather chasin oh sh*t girl a black ink
Her hair clickin and twisted with barrettes and beads
Bubblegum eyes in my ninja turtles ice cream, chillin
Sittin on the [?]
Back when a hundred dollars felt like a gazillion
Cracked valves clogging up the sprinklers in the park
The blissful ignorance that made you think it’s old new york
Walk through streets like i hopped out of a time machine
‘cause I see things how they are, and I see them how they used to be
Knock down the projects, paint over the murals
Fine a n**** for pourin hennessy out for his hero
Black mans a no man without [?]
So master say you gotta leave that mean your black ass gotta go
Sank off the sailor til the path to find our wisdom seize up our ancestors replenishes our intuition
That’s how I wrote this lyric
I know nanny jamela, uncle quamba you’re listenin
I’ve got it by the spirits
Visions of the future that's reflected by the past
If we only knew our mistakes then I’d kick us in the ass
Maybe i’m gettin old or maybe i’m too dramatic
We greet each other as god now we call each other savages
Thats some backwards sh*t
All the facts done flip
[?] on a cell phone camera we’re like on plantations
When they would whip a man for his kids to see
Cut his d**k off then mix it in with the pig feet
To consciously weaken the men in the eyes of they queen
She said “you can’t protect you so how you gon’ protect me?"
sh*t is deeper i often ponder what marcus garvey would think the n**** screamin "World Star!" while he swung from a tree

[Phone Audio]
To all my real ones out there, wherever the f**k you go, pay attention to whats goin on, and demand respect

[Verse 2]
Uncles was our god body
Have days of infinite true [?] and born knowledge
Bombin in the streets while kamikaze
Buck the heat I would watch in the [?] for drugs
Twist the cap off his old english with his tea
Isaac hayes by the time i get to phoenix on repeat
Uncle pop Coney Island legend big monster black panther ’97 went to war with the aryans
Killed the chicken with his bare hands, plucked it and boiled it to feed the fam and he was only eleven then
Man before his time dunked a ball before he was barely 5’ 9”
All city in three sports but mvp with the nine
Robbed the corner store took the surveillance tape
We would watch it in my crib like NBA players on game day
Sunday when you got knocked I remember how much I cried you home now still writing this with tears in my eyes ‘cause you’re my idol no words define your legacy
Taught me to see the best in me
Swaggy like my uncle flex articulate goon
How many gangstas that be [?] can’t do [?]
I would steal your Wallabees they was too large for my feet
Gets leathers and icebergs like I worked at S&D
Knuckle game legendary from Allenwood to Danbury
Cheesecakes from scratch flash cash ‘cause it's necessary
See so much of you in [?] the [glow?]
And all our issues killin me I just thought you should know
There's growing pains and I know that's nothing that you don’t know
But i still gotta be me gotta follow my soul
Scratch that, my uncle marked my heart the reason I started rap
I was a baby he would let me take vinyls to scratch
Brownsville warrior hustles he ran through all of em
Plate in his half bullet fragment still in his abdomen
A true survivor
Few was live-er
[?] my little brother for ever I got him
I could go on and on but my words too strong for this song
Thought I should look away but I caught her staring too long
In black mirrors

[Phone Audio]
(I want everybody to know this is king Shango)
[?] eXquire
And no matter what you do in this world there will always be thunder and lightning and we will always hit our target, maybe not every time, but when we do hit, we hit with both [?], and we gonna keep gouging to the last [?] on earth, [?]

All set
Ha ha ha
I like that
That was good

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