Bedoes & Kubi Producent


Jesus Christ, Kubi!

[Verse 1]
Heard a lot of voices, laughter and crying
I've met a lot of people I don't want to know
I grabbed some sauce and it's still the same
I can't narrow my eyes until I leave the blocks
Until we have: Gucci and Louis and YSL
Give me that head because I want a good f**k
Your idol seems to be a fake, but I don't really care about the type who will lie anyway
Their tracks give me cancer like smoking
I am too young
Pour water on me and let them hit the guys
I don't want anything anymorе, I don't want anything anymore
Because I'm whitе and young!

I just want money, not a wife, I want to deprive myself of idols
Get the plug so that I can f**king smoke as much as I want
I just want to play, have fun and not count the hours
White and young, black maidens and white cars, white and young

[Verse 2]
I want it, it's not about backstage and concert
People get jealous when they see money
The friend turns into the enemy
Whenever you put the money at stake
They want my wallet and they want my belt
These shoes and squad yourself
But no, no! my homies love me (2115)
My b*t*h is spoiled because she gives her a lot but never everything
The girls on the corners just want to earn to let their sons for the future
The guys stole hubcaps until they changed their branches
f**k on Hip-Hop
And this conscience has those who have never been too low
You don't know the city but it knows me (it knows me)
If you want to take a drug, my boy will be overwhelmed
I just want to live as I want
Because I am, because I am, because I am, because I am, because I am, because I am
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