Plugged in Freestyle lyrics


[Intro: Q2T]
City boys in the building
Plugged in with Fumez right now
Straight off the plane you know we're working
Voice is a bit f**ked but yeah we're here

[Verse 1: Q2T]
Bando boy I don't do no D's but I still might click this wap trap
Do it with pats and flats [?] I can't lack
Do it still scrapin' up bowls and doing up road
Buying up poles everyone tellin' me that I might blow
I'm flying them O's
I got a bird, buy it in bulk
Running it up and I'm doing the most
K still flying them hoe
I only see bro when he's coming to a show
Or I'm in O with a pack of both
And them man talk 'bout drills
They ain't on smoke
They ain't on smoke

[Verse 2: Chappo]
Man just hit up bro-bro's phone
Didn't stay for five figures easy
Please believe me thеm man slack in the trap that's neeky
See a tidal wave get whippеd in a pyrex bowl, that's yola sailing
Drip Drip when I sprinkle it from the tap man flake it
More time I get trap complacement
Cah I have to bruck down a brick 'pon pavement
One time took a trip to the six with six in the clip for the boy that beef me
Bro too tap one, hung out the ride so I swooshed that easy
European plug try talk 'bout drought man's connected like BT

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