Time Will Tell II lyrics

Young Dizz

Shell Cartel
Mazza, wagwan?

[Verse 1: Young Dizz]
The 6 got serious lead
The news said it was life-threatening
But he only got shot in the leg (Bow)
Your bro got shot in his head (Bow)
Your bredrins left him for dead (Bow)
Shh got shot in his back
Shoulda went to his girls instead (d**khead)
Young Dizz, I'm prince of the 6
You can't talk down on my name (No)
Yeah I got touched, but since then
How many n***as got in the brain (Bow, bow)
What they spent on their favourite car (Skrr)
Is what man spent on a chain (You know)
I'm still tryna figure out who's faster (Yo)
Is it shh? Or Usain? (Yo, yo)
I told DSav "Be on point" (Yeah)
I just see feds in the rear (I swear)
If there's opps on the mains
I swear I'll slap him, I do not care (Broad day)
How am I beefing these guys?
I actually don't understand
They love my name, I find it weird 'til I understood that they're fans
(Listen) Listen, loaded .12 with the Smitthen
I might grip the ting and dip him
They won't listen, 'til they're missing, rambo ting
Is it the kitchen? Latest gloves
Is it the mixing Star9ine jub
I thought it was glitching
Man got shot and he started b*t*hing (d**khead)
I got there with this force (Skrr)
I got the Glock popped on my mans yard
So I parked in the opposite porch
This Savbo guy got cheffed like 15 times, pronounced dead at the scene
They brought him back to life
Then he woke up, just to chat all of this greaze
Man can't question the 6 (No way)
I put 2 in the gauge, 3 in the pump
This Star9's gotta hold 6 (I swear)
That's me and Twins, jump out gang, Ed, Edd and Eddy (My n***as)
S came tru' with slugs and smiled
Like "Yo, that's plenty" (My brudda)
S came tru' with slugs and smiled
Like "Yo, that's plenty" (Bow, bow, bow)
They wanna know what I'm laughing over (I swear)
I taped off *****
S done *****
And H done *****, *****
That's serious lead (Bow)
I could've got Chubbz too (I swear)
But S wanna do it instead (My n***a)
All of this corn we used
How many yutes got fed?
We ain't blazing in cars
We're going for headshots just like Sav (You know)
I got bail for an AM on the weekend (I swear)
I was riding in Gate next weekday (Real talk)
That's two in the 12 gauge (Yeah)
He got shot by four shells (Yeah)
You know that's bread right
But I should've took more bells (Tan him)

[Verse 2: Striker]
Jump out, tan him, back road splash him
Two in a dotty, or six in the handting
Had Ishmael digital dashing
Caught Pablo, so I stopped and shanked him
Me and Maz up front, don't panic
Krillaz's crib held too much damage
Chubbz got left unconscious
Tommy try run but his clart got cabbaged
Mum asked "Who done it in Stratford?"
I don't even know what happened
Round that side's there's too many stabbings
How's S13 still rapping?
I swear Ginge gave him 14 shankings
They still ride on, stop chatting
The 6 got the pack, man pattern
He's driving safe 'cause the wap's in the wagon
Don't get caught in the field and scream
You're a college kid like that pussio Yanko
Jump out, spill it like Snapple
Wrap that pack, I ain't paying for a rambo
Suttin's getting drenched if I grip on the handle
Jointz got shot and his mate got M'd
And Blackwater ain't rid, your clart best stay at crib
At Westfield, days with my rambz in the bag
I swear I'm in love with my wifey
2 shanks up that's me and *****
Do up your chest, made the pavement slidey
Spin that block then go to the high street
I pray bro trust me a yute like Kylie
Wagwan for the Forest Gate yg's?
Them man there ain't made no crime scenes

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