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"Never Scared"

Capped up Kung Lao
Hit em with the combo
Belts on me
Like the sh*t say Wumbo
47Shawnn mixing sh*t
Like gumbo
Ass on her fat
No her ass say jumbo

Ah sh*t my bad
I ain’t mean to come in this early
No cap

[Verse 1:]
Capped up Kung Lao
Hit em with the combo
Belts on me
Like the sh*t say Wumbo
47Shawnn mixing sh*t
Like gumbo
Ass on her fat
No her ass say jumbo
47Shawnn killing sh*t like aids
When life handing lemons
I make lemonade
When life hands me lemons
Eliminate sh*t
Cause I got some money
I f*ck on your body
I got some money no illuminati
I f*ck me a cougar
Cause that b*tch is naughty
I pull up shoot 3
In your face like I’m Scottie
The devil’s spirit
Couldn’t take on my body
Patek on my wrist
When I flex on you b*tch
You can’t split a banana
If banana split
Cause Your crew think they tough
Yeah I can admit
They weaker than bleachers
When fat lady sit
Cause my flow like a virus
Im leaving you sick
Hoes are like Cyrus
They get off at 12
n*ggas are losers
Im calling y’all L’s
The brotherhood
Cracking like liberty bell
You n*ggas are slower than Gary the Snail
You snitch on your gang
Cause you trynna make bail
That ass on her fat
Grind on me like a rail
I give her my package
Like I’m in the mail
Put you to my head
Like I’m hearing seashells
Im wearing
Can’t buy in retail
b*tch drop your location
Like I’m Drizzyrell
Put me in asylum
My life is in hell
Wristwork is freezing
Its calling for hail
I cannot f*ck with you b*tch
Cause these n*ggas
Faker than plastic, uh
She suck on my pickle like Vlastic, uh
Medals like Mr. Fantastic, uh
Just wanna f*ck with a bad b*tch, uh
Reading you
Like you scholastic, uh
He flipping on gang
Gymnastic, uh

I can really kinda see that I’m next up
Someone had to put us on
So I stepped up
(Aye, aye, aye, check)

b*tches on b*tches
Keep my b*tches wet
Like the sink in my kitchen
My n*ggas is shooters
Ain't none of them missing
These b*tches suck di*k
So I don’t do no kissing
I slice you with blades
You get holed like a piercing
Turn into fortnite
Ways I get to building
My type of living
Im trynna see millions
I f*ck with her pus*y
Its bald its on krillin

[Verse 2:]
She just wanna come and suck on my skin
Got this ice on my wrist
I feel like I’m Ben 10
I think that I did it
I did it again
I dropped kick a b*tch
I felt like Jackie Chan
Stay smoking gas
Till my eyes
Looking asian
Chopped up the beat
Like I’m working with Jason
This bag is a go yard
This what I be chasing
This b*tch think I’m Jackal
When I get to tracing
I replayed the replays
I’m trynna get laid
I whip out my di*k
And I give her the glaze
She eating my pizza
She working at blaze
Electrify pikachu
You can get tazed
My mind is Hell
Just Like it is a maze
She blow on my di*k like a vape, aye
And she suck on my di*k lemonade, aye

I don’t
Do no faking aye, b*tch
I don’t
Do no faking aye, b*tch
And I’m never scared
And I’m never scared
Forty seven like to kill em dead

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