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If you’re gonna shoot me
Make sure
You kill me
Take me out the game
Coach gotta bench me
Come take me outer space
Getting lonely
A bullet to my head
Like you’re deer hunting
Yeah I’m feeling death needs me
If you wanna try hurt me
Better make sure
You kill me
Yeah I’m feeling your anxiety
This my Deathnote
My name inside her diary

[Verse 1:]
I took my Ex out
To eat
I guess I’m feeding hoes
Cause she left me for another n*gga
Guess I’m too slow, man
How was that for your cold heart?
I need a second chance
Can our love restart?
Never mind, I take that back
I don’t wanna
f*ck you with you
Now I’m looking back in time
Surprising that I fell for you, uh
Love electrifying
Just like I’m a Pikachu, uh
I’m glad you f*cked up
Cause now I see the real you
(Hit me)
Yeah I heard the diamonds get you drippy
You wet as hell
Like the river named you Mississippi
Damn Chief?
How bout’ we can stay in Kansas City
We can leave the country
We dipping off
Just to stay in Sydney 
But do you trust me?
f*ck No
Guess not
Step up Bucko
And come and feel these buckshots
Im not
Fighting for a chick
Unless she really want me
I got a sawn off
I guess it Lil Pumping

Come here pumpkin
Come and Jack my f*cking lantern
She want the green
Like my full name was Bruce Banner
I like to flex my girl
Im showing off my baby Glamour
You are beautiful
When I call you better answer

If you’re gonna try to shoot me
Make sure
You kill me
Take me out the game
Coach gotta bench me
Take me outer space
Getting lonely
Come put a bullet to my head
Deer hunting

[Capital STEEZ Interview:]
I started Astral Projecting more and more and I
Saw deeper into the future
And I was like, Yo
We basically
Have to create a group of all indigos
We have to come together, ya know
Create our, Create our music and
We're gonna have to like, be about our message
Which is
Taking over the Government
So I guess, on some 47 sh*t
That's our, That's our
Next Step, ya know?
"Music is the most influential sh*t on the planet right now, period, Like there's no getting over that"

(Hit me)

[Verse 2:]
Dancing in the rain
With imperfections
I talk gun talk
My best friend
Was a Smith and Wesson
I don’t trust myself
Because my mind a lethal weapon
And I don’t plan my moves
Because I like to keep em guessing
I reckon
I should talk about my depression
How I tried to make it to the heavens
With my aggression
My love for you is tight
You wrapped around me
Like I’m compression
Im in succession
Now use this song
As my confession

If wanna try to hurt me
Better kill me
My mind a weapon
Is the real me

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