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n*ggas got problems we can solve em’
Pull up with a choppa
Gun em down like Osama
Pull up with a tech
And it got a green beam
Imma hit a stain like my name Mr. Clean
n*ggas trynna run the bands
f*ck it
b*tch, b*tch I’m the goat
Imma get the pump
And Imma smoke him like a port
Call of duty war zone
Hit em with a rock
I don’t milly rock
But I can hide it in my sock

[Verse 1:]
I get the bands every day of the week
I keep me a stick
Like I’m Craig of the creek
You talk sh*t on Twitter
That sh*t for the weak
Cause this Glock make you snap
Like I’m sending a streak
n*gga you tweakin’
Just leave me alone
Cause these Rap n*ggas mad
They won’t give me a loan
And I feel like I’m Muzzo I’m back in my zone
And I feel like I’m Kanye
I’m watching the throne
Gucci my body
You smell my cologne
Cause I’m fighting like Rocky
Sylvester Stallone

Yeah, yeah, yeah
(We going back in? Okay)

[Verse 2:]
I’m stacking my coins
I can get what I like
I’m taking ya b*tch
And I give her the pipe
And I feel like a fish
Cause I’m keeping a pole
And your, your girl the devil
She taking my soul
I do what I want
And I get what I want
And I’m taking your head
And I kick it Like punt
Stop saying you real
When you really a b*tch
You folded on gang
And these b*tches ain’t sh*t
I’m all by myself
It’s just me in this b*tch
I’m in my own world
And it’s lit as a bic
Why don’t you want me?
I’m sick of this sh*t
I’m caught in a net
I’m not talking bout flix
I’m caught up in love
I’m like stuck in a temple
Your b*tch gon’ sharpen di*k like a pencil
Sharpen ya mind
And unfocus the mental
You flipped like a coin
I should call you a Nickel
Feeling like Ku Klux
I don’t f*ck with n*ggas
Unless they my brothers
We all squeezing triggers
Throwing a lob like I play for the clippers
I’m trynna see demons
I’ll look in the mirror
In love with myself
Yeah I think I’m conceited
I’m all in control
And you Alt
Get deleted
This sh*t for the birds
When we beefin’ you tweetin’
You backing up
Like your hairline is receding
Knock on your door
Like a Jehovah witness
I’m all on ya head
Like a cap that was fitted
You cappin’ on gang
And that’s not all the truth
I hit her both angles
Not talking acute
Your b*tch gon’ blow on my di*k
Like a flute
She scroll through my gram
And she think that I’m cute
My di*k in her mouth
It can put her on mute
Just like an owl
I make her go who?
f*ck who you talking to
n*gga you crazy
I pour up the SEAL
I’m not talking bout’ Navy
f*ck who you talking to
n*gga you crazy
I pour up the seal
And then imma get lazy

(You already know what the f*ck going on, b*tch)

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