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We’ll now begin the push-up section
Go head bruh

(Fortyyyyyyyy Seven)

[Verse 1:]
Imma hit ya b*tch
With my dagger
Stab her
Walking with a limp
I got moves like
FortySeven Shawnn
Yeah she like me
For my Swajjur
I Sweep a n*gga
Then I mop him
Feeling Like I’m Tisa
Now Who is you?
Who is me?
b*tch I got amnesia
I Turn a n*gga to a stain
Sweep him
Imma turn it up
In my speakers
I make my Choppa
Like a creeper
You can’t f*ck with me
You n*ggas on the ropes
You living like the ozone
You don’t want no smoke
I give her backstrokes
When we going backstage
I put it in her and then she feel it
In her rib cage

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