Psychopathic Lunatic lyrics


Done done done, with this sh*t
Gotta get him, hit him, then I am off to the bank
Run run
f**k whatca you think
Let her pu**y go
Let her pop
Let it bang
Let it rock
Coulda stayed
Get juked
But at last smoke nugs to the jane
All i am bringing bringing bringing the pain
God damn better watch what you say
Chopping bled?
Haters ain’t friends, imma say it again
Imma die by syringe
Crème de la crème
End to the end
This sh*t a hundred degree of tibs
This one
These are a couple of eibs
This shot filled to the top of thе brim
This the heroine of breezе in the wind
Talk snoop dogg white boy sh*t Yeah

Got me Running around like a psychopathic lunatic
Watch us coming, you could see we are really doing it
Got me running around like a psychopathic lunatic
You Watch us coming, you could see we are really doing it
Picking at your choices, taking it farther, then really won’t
Walking universal but alert so I don’t feel alone
Want to pass the chance to be the best, so you should take a note
Now go and pick your boys and clothes
I know I got the antidote
Now what the land number
You can see I eat my boogus
Push the pedal down to the metal
Just in case you haven’t notice
I ain’t going but I am f**k
Cause I am the one who f**ken wrote it
Do what I want that I want it
That’s how we go through
That’s my motive
Feeling nice but I found my way I lift my head it’s a lot of weight
I’m doing fine but are you okay?
I think it’s time we celebrate
The little things, we hold in common, that we maybe that for granted
Take a moment, feel the power
Take me to another planet yeah

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