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"Pillow of Dreams"

Face paints and pantomimes
Daily operations in the cycle of the orthodox
Repetitious wastes of time
I’ll believe in you again as long as you don’t leave this box
All in together now
Give me your all and I’ll give you my opinion
But you seem so scared to smile
You have to learn to dance to get a chance at redemption
Just as the leaves change
Make sure your name embraces brilliance to be reborn
But tell me if you find insane
Heard he was last seen lost in a laugh traveling the path you’re on
Failure never fails to shoulder tap
Just knowing that is enough to keep the pistons pumping
See I live for greatness
As an example to my sons I’ll capture the sun

I talk to the stars and walk on the clouds
Hold hands with lightning to strike fear
From where I stand there’s no living allowed
Only surviving the next sundial cycle
Telegraph punch is my poison of choice
Raise your hand when it tackles the blood stream
Recently removed the crutch from my voice
To take part in silence recital
Flat on my face for bridge burning pleasure
But the clouds are my footsteps with no fear
Went out on a limb after climbing the tree of life for good measure
There’s never been a sun rise as tomorrows
The morning of tonight is what we crave
I didn’t see you standing there with your eyes closed
Now that you walk by sight and not by faith
I pray you have some new prey to follow
There's too much time on my hands and not a watch in sight
I hold an abacus in each pocket to countdown
The moments that change the dark to the light
All that we touch is so fragile
There’s rhythm in the wave crash
There’s music in the breeze
I was always the first to be the last
But having lasting life alone is a battle
The Casualties of war tastes so sweet
Even though your house of cards will topple
You only wanted to get some sleep
Knowing your alarm clock was broken
If only you could wake up
You could hear the cries of tomorrow’s memories
Knowing that your existence rides on the wings of a dove
Lets just hope when you arrive the door is open
Where do we go from here, silence is golden
But I heard that the noise shines platinum
If I ever shed a single tear for the yesterdays stolen
Don’t wake me, I smile in nightmares
Consequence holds me close to the bosom
I often thought life would reflect simple
See I fell in love with no regard for the cushion
Even though my pillow of dreams was right there


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