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[Verse 1: Illogic]
Human shell, flesh capsule, no escape
Seems the caged bird sung a song so familiar
Really didn’t know how much more I could take
There was too much depressing life lessons to filter
The lesser of two evils sits on each shoulder, need to escape
I can’t decide which ice sculpture’s colder
Random acts you can’t control, the blood pours from your soul
The winds whip, the snow’s stuck, hard rain fell
You didn’t know what was next
Passion escaped, tired of asking myself to wait for the light to change
I forgot how to write my name
The cage was rusted with mildew
The lock wouldn’t break
Spirit can escape, skin holding it in, it needs to end
Carcass cell is an artist hell
I can’t begin to tell you what I do to learn to speak and spell
Then I found a key, for me a major skyscraper
When pen took its toll and I gave my whole soul to the paper

[Verse 2: Psalm One]
[?] Annabella apple of my hunger strike
Pipe down punky loser, son, we come to fight
Right now I’m so bullied I can truly breathe
And be prone to stupidity, it’s food to me
I got this tingly intermingling seeping on my think tank
What a weakened state, darling, crawling on problems
Causing a caution model and knee scrapes
But a beat gets played and I
Wanna sneak away and just live in digital waves
You picked a pitiful day to display the pickle you ate
You’ll get your little escape but Rich, you still gotta wait
So play your middle dilemma, which finger to flip the bird, mouth and all
At the mirror, no clearance to get the word out
How’s about we take this weed and papers?
We can ease the hatred, wouldn’t feel so naked, Chris
Chris, I’m talking to you, keep it at bay
Matter fact, keep it away, gimme that, leave it and skate, trick
Kizzy season, I can tell you annoyed
‘cause I’m yelling “No escape” like Raphael with a sword
And I’m pimping, slipping falls, I’m a settlement hoe
So you gotta beat me down ’til I’m dead on the flo’

[Verse 3: Lord 360]
Sometimes I gotta hide and escape
And when I get stuck and I gotta buy time that’s escape, yes
Now take a ride from a mine and escape
‘cause we leaving from the hive, yeah we tryin’ to escape
You ever had a time you had to escape
Like I could just slip between the seams of your dreams and just wait
Oh, and here’s that window opportunity where I can spit it fluently until you see what this mind just be doin’ to me, when
[?] unity feel like a curse
Worse that the method of my speech is a beacon of [?]
That’ll reach while I lurk
For what it’s worth, mercy
For what its hurt works ’til I’m giving you my shirt so to speak
But meanwhile I will freestyle into each child, man and woman
I wouldn’t give it if I couldn’t beat down each clown
Try to hold me down, yo, I shine on every sound
As our bodies will do grounds and I flip on every parchment
So let’s all gather ‘round and just slip into the darkness
Ah sh*t, where did he go?
Where he can show those visions prove barely smoked and we gone

[Verse 4: Illogic]
Open up the door, let me out, I can’t breathe
My body’s insufficient for my soul, it wants to leave
He gave a look to see what it took to escape
This is the crutch of each decision that he makes

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