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Quin NFN

"Bossed Up"

[Verse 1]
(Hol' On)
I shoot my shot and don’t miss sh*t (Huh, huh?)
I treat this hoe like a classroom
We just f*ck her and dismiss, (Doggin)
She wanna f*ck 'cause I'm up
But she can’t get nothin' but this di*k, (On gang, gang)
My n*ggas really do drills
And be in the fields, Pick Six, (Go long)
Be honest, you not tryna rob
My young n*gga slide, Saint Nick, (Skrr, skrr)
Treat a f*ck n*gga like art
Let's make a collage, and paint sh*t, (Rrrrrraaaaaahhhhh)
I hit the show with my hammer
I'm goin' bananas, ape sh*t, (Uh)
I want them to try and come take sh*t, (On gang)
Imma make sure his muhf*ckin' face split, he dead (Gone, gone)

Came out the mud, I'm bossed up
I ran it up, now b*tches be feelin' the youngin
I’m fresh when I walk up, (Walk up)
And I’m still in the hood, designer my fit
I walk in this b*tch, I be sauced up

[Verse 2]
n*ggas like domad, I ain't gotta say sh*t, n*ggas know that, (On gang)
My young n*ggas stainin’ and bangin'
Pull up get to aimin' and blow, where yo fro' at (Rrrrrraaaaahhhh)
And I hit yo’ Lil' thot, where the flow at?
I was clutchin' a Glock in a throwback, (On meeeee)
And I'm lit like a lighter
I'm in the trap with them snipers, I'm feelin' like Kodak
We can do anything, anywhere, behind that lou n*gga
In the trenches, independent
Still bomb up in this like suits, n*gga (Aye, gang)
Them n*ggas over there lookin' and sh*t (Hol' on)
And I'm like who n*gga?
Get on the f*ckin' ground, cause we finna shoot n*ggas!

[Verse 3]
Go to your city and pull out them bands
Right after the show, I'm f*ckin' my fans (Ayeee)
We got more drums than a band
And I don't f*ck with n*ggas like I'm in a Klan (Ayeee)
She eat the di*k with no hands
Fo' grind, I got slime on top of my pants (Ayeee)
She tryna gimme a dance
Said you know what you doin' might give you a chance (Ayeee)
I'm everywhere like there's two of me
And I still got the stick, bought the Louis V
Couple bad b*tches be boostin' me
What you on n*gga, f*ck what you used to be
Have my young n*gga pop out and shoot for me
Is you ridin' n*gga? What can you do for me?
See my n*ggas all do the foolery
So you n*ggas ain't trickin' or foolin' me
On gang, gang, hol' on

Yeah, n*ggas know how I run sh*t
Aye, Y'all n*ggas pass me the woods, I'm tryna roll up
In this bullsh*t

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